Commercial Office / Institutional

Commercial Office Design is all about developing places that work. As is the case with any productive environment, the key word is “work”. Not only does the end product need to be conducive to the occupants working within, but the structure itself needs to work efficiently with well-designed systems supplying the life breath to the facility. Perhaps most important to the client developing an office environ, the overall pro forma needs to work allowing the project to not only be designed with a budget in mind, but to be maintained with lifecycle costs that make sense, minimizing energy consumption, and creating a highly desired leasable product that positions the facility above their competition for the life of the structure.

Similarly, Civic-Institutional & Educational facilities need to “work” for the students and educators utilizing the spaces. hi.arch.y llp fully recognizes that the health of these facilities has direct impact on the user’s experience and ability to engage, grow and learn.