WW&P Retrofits use Integrative Design, a highly collaborative and iterative design process, to improve the wellness and productivity of employees and achieve larger and more focused return on investment (ROI) than standard tenant improvements alone. Larger savings are achieved through building efficiency measures to create multiple benefits from single expenditures, often justifying much larger bottom-line savings than what is typically achieved.

The 3-30-300 Rule

The 3-30-300 Rule


The 3-30-300 Rule demonstrates wherein on a basis average, your typical business spends $3 p.s.f. on utilities, $30 p.s.f. on rent, and $300 p.s.f. on employee expenses. Our Workplace Wellness and Productivity Retrofits focus directly on design attributes that will have physiological benefits to the occupants within these spaces, which directly benefit the most costly and valued part of any business...their people.

When we make solid design decisions that directly affect the health and wellness of the people, we provide our clients with real economic returns that quickly payback the costs of improvements and will continue to reap benefits long after the design work is completed.